Welcome to a better world.

Healthy people, healthy planet, healthy profit.

How we get there

Our mission

A better world

We founded The Purpose Factory because we believe, and have experienced, that business is the force that can most rapidly and capably address the world’s biggest challenges. Creating high performing sustainability driven business for positive impact is at the heart of everything we do.

Our goal is to evolve business to bring about the systemic change that is required to achieve healthy people and healthy planet, alongside delivering on the bottom line. We aim to enable organizations to change and also to create change in the systems around them.

The opportunity to take collective action to do business in a way that ensures our people and planet are healthy and prosper is here. So we’re grabbing it with both hands. We’re teaming up with others for impact at scale. Together we will change the game and, each day, make this world a little better.

Our 3 powerful approaches

With these powerful change accelerators, we enable organizations to adopt new concepts and practices to ensure health for people and planet, alongside high performance and a healthy profit. And where a business model won’t solve it, our Foundation explores and funds other solutions.

Transforming Gloria Alimentos from local leader to regional powerhouse

The Purpose Factory Transform recently provided game changing insights and solutions to Gloria Alimentos, one of Latin America’s leading food and beverage companies (turnover US$2 billion). Gloria approached us to dive deep into their operations and provide solutions to transform them from a local leader to regional powerhouse.    

And that’s exactly what we delivered.  

We identified significant opportunities to create additional value and cash flow for Gloria and provided the roadmap to bring these opportunities to fruition.  

Embedded in our approach was the win/win we are known for – taking care of people, planet then profit. We provided Gloria with a Sustainability Vision that simultaneously takes care of communities, farmers, the land and the company. All steps that will take Gloria Alimentos to the next level and ensure their ongoing strength and vitality, while giving back to the community they serve.