Together, make this world a little better


Founding Partners

Theo Spierings

Theo Spierings operates from a deep personal why and always has. As CEO of two of the world’s leading dairy organizations - most recently, Fonterra, responsible for 30% of world’s dairy exports, revenue exceeding US $15 billion, prior to that Friesland Foods, which had an annual revenue of US $5 billion – Theo has led with a life changing vision.

In line with this vision, he has consistently brought about strong business performance alongside creating shifts towards a better world. Shifts that started at the local level within communities and grew to country level. Then at Fonterra, he made positive change at a global level, reaching 2 billion consumers with good nutrition. He also made an impact at industry level as Chair of the Global Dairy Platform, the sustainability initiative for the world’s biggest dairy companies.  

As he stepped down from his last CEO role, Theo announced that his next move would be about “a better world, not a bigger job”.  

So here he is, continuing to build a better world with…The Purpose Factory.  

By founding The Purpose Factory, Theo offers the benefit of his life’s work so your organization can transform into a purpose-led operation and thrive, while creating value for all stakeholders, and building a better world.

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Theo Spierings

Paul Roedig

Paul is all about getting things done, whatever the weather. An international business leader, transformative marketeer and accomplished entrepreneur, he has been before his time taking “a millennial approach” to his career. He’s established two $1 billion brands, repositioned a $3.5 billion branded consumer business and created win/win results for organizations in 43 countries.

Paul has successfully implemented his rigor and razor-sharp analyses whether he’s working at a large multinational, a start up, a SME or as a consultant. It doesn’t matter if it’s marketing, sales or R&D. Or if it’s baby food, mobile phones or fine coffee. Or Asia, Latin America or the Middle East – Paul gets to the bottom of what will make things work better for great results.

Committed to diversity, Paul was instrumental in getting women into his team while serving as a Marketing Director in Saudi Arabia in 2006. It was during this time that Paul’s intensive work with Millennials began and he became well known for his epic evaluations and rigorous coaching.

Paul stands ready to deliver the benefit of his deep and broad experience to equip the next generations to be their best and ultimately, help build a better world.

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Paul Roedig


Coming together

Theo & Paul’s careers have intersected for over 20 years – in offices and fields across Peru, Indonesia, China, New Zealand and The Netherlands.

Both are parents to Millennials. They’ve grown their families as they’ve worked around the world and know first-hand how energetic, committed and capable this digital generation is. They are passionate about making sure that the next generations can deliver their best.

So teaming up to form The Purpose Factory has been a natural next step. Two intersecting paths now join and continue up the road together, making a firm step towards a better world.