How we get there

Our Approach

The Purpose Factory Fountain

We aim to bring about systemic change to build a better world using three powerful approaches – a foundation, a transformation consultancy and an innovation and coaching platform. These three pillars of activity are intended to be both catalytic and complementary.

Our Transformation pillar creates social, environmental and commercial value for customers and the community. Part of that value flows directly back into the The Purpose Factory Foundation and into The Purpose Factory Disrupt. The Foundation progresses the UN Global Goals, while Disrupt aims to unleash new ideas and business models to address the world’s most urgent challenges. And all three together will create the synergy, the force, to make progress towards a better world.

Our three pillars

For a better world

The Purpose Factory uses three approaches, designed to complement each other to achieve our ambition of systemic change. Each approach delivers on our mission to contribute to healthy people, a healthy planet alongside healthy profits. Those profits can then be directed straight back into driving progress on the UN Global Goals.

We are proud to partner with Forum for the Future, a leading international non-profit sustainability organization. Forum for the Future’s expertise in visioning new futures, changing how systems work, and embedding sustainability, will propel the desired systemic impact, guide the direction of the The Purpose Factory Foundation and ensure synergy across the three approaches.


The Purpose Factory Foundation and Forum for the Future are here to bring about systemic change, with a focus on helping vulnerable groups to harness sustainable changes in the food system, build livelihoods, food security and resilience.

The Purpose Factory Foundation has significant seed capital provided by our Founder and is also funded by a large part of the revenue generated by The Purpose Factory. A large part of this value is redirected into sustainable investments through our Foundation. These investments drive innovation and shift systems that empower communities to navigate current and emerging trends, and help achieve the UN Global Goals.


The Purpose Factory Transform evolves organizations at a pace. We bring about the fundamental shifts that are required to achieve healthy people and healthy planet, alongside a robust capacity to deliver on the bottom line.

We partner with large scale companies to help them transform into having purpose-led, sustainable operations. Together with our partner Forum for the Future, we generate incremental value, a more balanced redistribution to all stakeholders, as well as more sustainable and purpose-led operations. In addition to improved financial and operational performance, our work strengthens reputation and brand value.

Our goal is positive impact over the long term, and The Purpose Factory Transform delivers your organization a win/win for People, Planet and Profit.


The Purpose Factory Disrupt is an innovation and coaching platform that catches bright ideas and gives them the oxygen they need to thrive. It is a place where bold new initiatives convert into new business models and a better world.  

Disrupt provides a breeding ground for people of all ages, backgrounds and locations to explore new ways of thinking and getting things done – and gives them the opportunity to access the resources and network they need to flourish.  

And for established entrepreneurs who know that delivering on purpose is essential for business success and who are hungry to achieve at scale, Disrupt, through a rigorous selection process, offers mentoring and access to angel capital.

How we work

The Main Models we use

Two key concepts are at the forefront of our minds when we work: Organizational Health and Vitality, as reflected in our ‘Power of Purpose Model’, and Sustainable Performance as seen in our ‘Purpose Diamond’ below.