3 steps to help businesses profit from a post-COVID sustainable future

An eco-reset today to flourish tomorrow

The lockdown laid bare the weaknesses of both companies and our socio-economic system, such as lack of resilience in workforce or supply chain and increased inequality. Meanwhile the challenge for climate action remained urgently unchanged.

Nearing the moment of a full re-start, companies now have a chance to re-build stronger and more sustainable. Their fresh start should revolve around achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the “triple bottom line”: planet, people, profit.

For corporates, the Coronavirus reset can be a profitable opportunity. That is, for those business leaders grabbing the opportunity and having the courage to re-think their business models to become more successful and sustainable. Next to of course keeping their socio-environmental impact and role in mind when making decisions.

So, what do you need to do?! There are basically three major steps to help your business shape a sustainable model.

1. (Re-)define your purpose

What to be or what not to be? That is the question.

To build a sustainable business, a company’s true purpose should focus on creating and redistributing value for both stakeholders and shareholders, driving a triple bottom line.

Once identified your mission, your purpose-driven sustainability goals will depend on how post-COVID-19 trends will affect your growth, your products, and your raw materials supply.

2. Sell everyone on sustainability

When talking to your employees and stakeholders about sustainability, highlight its practical advantages.

Make people appreciate both the benefits to the planet and the profit for the company (e.g. more recycling, less money spent on waste disposal).

Once everyone is more motivated, provide them with the tools (e.g. training) to instill sustainability in their working mindset.

3. Teamwork for systemic change

Think outside your corporate box and join forces with partners and competitors. Building resilience and more sustainable operations requires thinking throughout the value chain. Systemic change needs (pre-competitive) collaboration.

A company made by cooperative people will be more resilient to future crises. A healthy collaboration will drive systemic change, leading to a more just and ecologically safe planet, and to healthier, more sustainable companies driving their bottom line in 3 areas: planet, people, profit.

Looking on the bright side

Dramatic as it has been, the Coronavirus outbreak has given us the opportunity to think about the flaws of our system.

It’s up to individuals and businesses to inject the systemic change vaccine into the veins of our society.

You’re not alone in this. The Purpose Factory can give you a hand.

Let’s reset together. Let’s unleash new profitable avenues together. Let’s build a sustainable future together.

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