The EU is speeding up climate action a good (green) deal

The UN climate change conference (COP26) is approaching but the EU is planning.


Its ambitious program is to hit a 55% Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction target by 2030 before becoming the world’s first climate-neutral and climate-resilient continent by 2050.


So, how will this happen?


Here’s the Green Deal.


Besides new initiatives for engaging all society stakeholders in climate action and adaptation, the EU is revising some of its key legislations:

  • Emissions Trading System, to slash GHG emissions from the power sector, industry and domestic flights
  • National targets for sectors like transport, buildings and agriculture
  • Laws promoting innovative low-carbon technologies
  • Bills funding climate action

While these changes imply redefining the way we produce, consume and work, they also unleash new business avenues.


Corporates will play a key role in pursuing a climate-friendly growth over the next 30 years.


Have you thought through the consequences of the new legislation coming your way?  Is your company ready to take up the challenge?


The Purpose Factory, and our partners, have worked on climate action projects for years.  We know what’s coming your way and how to address that.


Act now to save the future of People, the Planet and your company. Give us a shout today to make a fair (green) deal