Put a positive twist on 2022!

At The Purpose Factory we believe that companies, with their widespread economical and societal networks, are THE prime force to most rapidly and capably address the world’s biggest challenges. In fact, they have a moral obligation to do so.

Clearly the past year hasn’t been the easiest with the global pandemic and what that has meant for the world.

The fight against Poverty has taken a serious hit, Food Insecurity is up all across the world, and post the latest IPCC-report (see the 5 big findings) Carbon Neutral basically has become the new norm.

Undeniably we all need to step up our Sustainability efforts in 2022.

Most (if not all) companies can be more ambitious and can do better to help improve the world’s challenges. In most companies however Sustainability is still seen as a cost burden.

We don’t see it that way – on the contrary: we know (and have proven) that bottom line performance and improved Sustainability can go hand in hand!

Yet, having lived through that in our careers ourselves, we are also very aware how difficult it is to balance your Triple Bottom-line across People, Planet &Profit, for which we have developed a suite of tools to potentially help you.

So, if you want to put a positive twist to your company’s 2022 Sustainability Agenda and improve your bottom-line at the same time, give us a shout

Wishing all in any case a successful and Sustainable New Year,


The Purpose Factory