This is THE moment to choose a fairer and more sustainable world

This Monday the World Economic Forum kicked off with the central topic that this is THE moment to choose a fairer and more sustainable world.

At The Purpose Factory, we couldn’t agree more.

As the world finds itself in two crises of global and unprecedented proportions with COVID-19 and climate change, both topics wreak havoc in communities around the globe.

The sense of urgency for change couldn’t be more prominent than it is now. And the majority of the world’s population are in support to take action:

Can we take this tipping point to turn our backs on unbridled consumption and inequality? Can we, instead, reimagine a world in ways that bring people together, rebuild decent livelihoods, respect the limits of our planet and make us more resilient for the crises to come?

At The Purpose Factory we think we can!
We think successful businesses can and should take the responsibility to drive this change for good. We believe that businesses, more than ever, can drive the power of Purpose. We have done it; we can prove it works.

Would you like to start but don’t know where to begin? Or strengthen and accelerate your company’s sustainability program?

Together, let’s act on contributing towards social and environmental goals and bring your business goals in line: Healthy people, healthy planet, healthy profit. Let’s go for systemic change. In short, talk to us:

Still not convinced? Read the full article on the Davos Agenda of the World Economic Forum, or follow the many interesting & inspiring online live sessions of the WEF as we speak.