Transform now or forever lag behind

The dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, asks for serious changes in how we do business. CEOs can’t waste anymore time (and profit) on isolated ineffective change or a basket of disjointed sustainability initiatives. CEOs need to put purpose, sustainability and transformation front and center, strongly embedded in their strategy.

Our partner, Forum for the Future, a leading international sustainability non-profit specializing in addressing critical global challenges by catalyzing change in key systems, is calling on corporations to drive a deep transformation that will benefit planet, profit and people in equal measure.

The recipe?

3 key ingredients

1)   “Build forward” for people and planet

2)   Develop ecologically safe and socially just transitions

3)   Holistic approaches for sustainability

So, are you ready to embark on your transformation journey?

We know it might be a lot to take on. We understand the challenges CEOs face with major sustainability transformations while needing to protect the bottom line. That’s why we’re here to support your business with our C-suite level expertise.

In collaboration with Forum for the Future, The Purpose Factory works to successfully implement systemic change for companies who want to make a real and lasting impact for good.

Your business could be next. Just give us or Forum for the Future a shout!

Read Forum for the Future's full blog post here: